On The Issues


Climate Action

A product of Miloliʻi, Hawaiʻi — a native Hawaiian fishing village with a rich and proud history of balanced living between humans, the land, and the sea — Kai personally understands the need for climate action and climate justice. Research has shown that economically disadvantaged groups are disproportionately impacted by environmental injustice. That's why Kai will work tirelessly to advocate for resource programs that will ensure healthy and sustainable environments for all our communities. As a State Senator, Kai has authored and championed legislation to protect Hawaii's aquatic life and water systems. He will fight just as hard at the federal level for environmental protections and justice for Hawaii's vast natural resources in its landscapes, watershed, aquifers and its ocean. Kai believes that climate change is a real and dangerous threat to Hawaiʻi and our national security. Through bold initiatives like the Hawaiʻi Green Growth and the Aloha+ Challenge, Hawaiʻi can be a leader and a model for the rest of the world. Kai opposes any effort to withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement.