On The Issues



As a proud card carrying union member of the Air Line Pilots Association (ALPA), Kai is a firm believer that the strength of America's economy is built on the backs of a strong & stable middle class represented by strong unions. Following WWII, the greatest middle class in human history was created and union membership and representation built a thriving working class that sat side by side with management at the table. Over the last 30 years, starting in 1978 with the failure of the Labor Reform Act, workers' rights have been under assault and many protections (health care, retirement, work safety, job security) have all but disappeared. Trade agreements, deregulation and globalization have all led to millions of lost manufacturing jobs. This has led to a lower standard of living, homelessness, addiction and the inequality of economic wealth not seen since the great depression. To reverse this trend and solidify America's economic strength in the world we must support the American worker and their right to unionize.