On The Issues


Immigration & Refugees

Kai supports the DREAM and Promise Act which would grant young undocumented immigrants who came to the U.S. as children an opportunity to acquire permanent lawful status if they meet certain conditions. Kai believes it is not the time for building walls but a time to build hope, opportunity and dreams for people seeking a new life just like the millions of immigrants that helped build the country we all live in today. Although border security is important, it should be smart border security that involves advanced technologies. A wall is a monument - and a monument to division. It is an anathema to core American values.

The U.S. since its founding, has been a nation of immigrants and has long accepted refugees from around the world. These refugees are fleeing their countries because of either persecution or are fearing persecution. Kai supports our refugee program (USRAP) and would like to see the number of annual refugees allowed into the country (admission ceiling) increased to levels during the Obama administration. Kai also supports those seeking asylum at our ports of entry and absolutely opposes the systematic separation of children from their parents at the border. Kai opposes funding reductions to the State Departments Reception and Placement Program as well as cuts to HHS that are critical to the successful resettlement of refugees in communities across our country.