On The Issues


Gender Equality

The median annual income of an American woman is 20% lower than that of an American man. This disparity in pay is especially egregious when ethnicity is factored in - women of color earn over 33% less than their white male counterparts. Kai, a proud father of three girls, understands that the current generation must set an example of belief in equality, not reinforce antiquated discriminations based on gender or race. We need an economy and policies that put all Americans on a level playing field. It is time to close the wage gap between men and women, regardless of race, once and for all. Kai believes we must protect women's reproductive rights, which are currently being infringed upon in numerous states. He supports the right of all women in this country to have access to birth-control, regardless of their race, income, or geographic location. Kai supports the female right of choice and firmly opposes any attempt to overturn the landmark U.S. Supreme Court reproductive rights case Roe vs. Wade. Kai also supports the repeal of the Hyde Amendment.